Featured Intelligent Building Technology for Functional Architecture

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Intelligent Building Technology for Functional Architecture

Intelligent Building Technology for Functional Architecture

We often take things for granted, and sometimes barely even register the really important things, only noticing them once they are missing. This can be applied to many things in life, of course, but it is especially apparent in the building industry, and in particular to intelligent building technology that runs in the background while ensuring the functionality and longevity of architectural ideas.

Courtesy of Hager
Courtesy of Hager

The team at German electrical specialist Hager supports architects and planners with individually adaptable strategies for achieving technical infrastructures that are characteristic of so many modern buildings. The Saarland-based company offers all of the required elements for well-thought-out concepts in the areas of energy distribution, energy efficiency, cable routing, smart building control and safety technology.

Along with Hager, the expertise of other brands in the group such as Berker and Elcom have also enriched the product and service range for many years. Whether it’s a single product or a customized overall solution, the group’s wide range is characterized by simple installation, ease of use, as well as high standards in terms of safety, quality and aesthetics.

Courtesy of Hager
Courtesy of Hager


A team of 11,500 people ensures that solutions are available in over 100 countries. In-house manufacturing means that bespoke solutions with specific dimensions, unusual materials, and personalized color ideas and special configurations can also be produced – all under one roof.

In the early years of the company’s 65-year history, it was known for its meter and distribution cabinets. Today, the company provides all-encompassing infrastructures with award-winning designs and a holistic portfolio that leaves nothing to chance in terms of a building’s electrical requirements, whether in the residential, industrial or commercial construction sector.

Notable references include the Waterworks in Hamburg or the Charlottenhöfe in Berlin, but one building, in particular, stands out: the Hager Forum in Obernai. The architecture of Sauerbruch Hutton Architects impressively illustrates the future of the company and at the same time reflects company values that include tradition, innovation, sustainability – and modesty despite perfection.

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