Featured The Manipal Academy of Higher Education team which developed the laser technology. (By arrangement)

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Laser shoe technology to treat diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain

Mangaluru: The Manipal Academy of Higher Education has developed laser shoe technology to treat diabetic peripheral neuropathic pain. The product was launched on November 19 at Manipal.

The Department of Science and Technology, a department within the Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India, had signed a grant to develop the technology.


The Institute has developed the product considering the increasing burden of diabetic peripheral neuropathy among diabetic patients in the country.

A recent international study suggested that 67000 diabetic patients from different countries revealed 52.6% of microvascular complications, where neuropathy was the highest reported microvascular complication in all regions. Diabetic peripheral neuropathy (DPN) with pain carries significant morbidity and economic burden. An effective means of identifying and treating peripheral neuropathy would have a major impact medically, socially as well as economically as foot ulceration paves the way to 80% of amputations.


At the function, Dr. HS Ballal, Pro-Chancellor, MAHE, highlighted the need for cost-effective pain management for neuropathic pain in diabetes mellitus. In India, there is an increasing prevalence of diabetes and the need for early screening of complications associated with diabetes mellitus especially foot-related complications in diabetes.

The Principal Investigator for the project is Dr. G Arun Maiya, Professor, and Dean, Manipal College of Health professions, MAHE. The team comprises Dr. Manjunath Hande, Professor, Medicine, Dr. Sharath Kumar Rao, Dean, KMC, Dr. Harishchandra Hebbar, Professor, School of Information Science, Hrishikesh, Research Scholar, Karthik, Managing Director, TechnoMed Electronics, Chennai and Vishwanathan, Managing Director, TechnoMed Electronics, Chennai.


Dr. G Arun Maiya said that the product is clinically validated and ready for commercialization.

The product was launched by Dr. H S Ballal, Pro-Chancellor, MAHE, Lt Gen (Dr) MD Venkatesh, Vice-Chancellor, MAHE,  

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