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Mad Systems | recognition technology-based media delivery

Mad Systems Inc., the award-winning audiovisual and interactive system designer and integrator, was awarded US Patent #11157548 on 26 October 2021. The patent covers further details relating to the personalization of media delivery and interactive exhibits based on recognition systems.

Mad System’s implementation of this solution is unique, in that it can recognize individuals or groups of individuals, as well as determine what their preferences are and then deliver media based on those preferences well within a second, without the need for an internet connection, guaranteeing privacy.

With a response time from recognizing someone to having their media displayed around 0.3 – 0.5 seconds, the system is fast enough to personalise visitors’ media without a noticeable lag. 

True personalisation

This is the third patent granted to Mad Systems for this and related technology. The company also has the capabilities in-house to showcase some of the advances that this cutting-edge new technology makes possible.

The patents also describe a useful feature that relates to correlating a transaction with a recognized person. By using the POS system and correlating a person with their purchase in a theme park or other locations, it is possible to identify their purchases and then use that information for personalized advertising purposes or to suggest other purchases they might want to make based on their purchase history.

This would allow for these suggestions to be made in any different location where that person is recognized. There are several ways in which this technology can be used to increase per cap spending in venues such as retail locations and theme parks. 

The technology described in these patents covers applications in a wide variety of fields, including museums, visitor centres, theme parks, cruise ships, hospitality, digital signage, smart cities and many more.

Mad Systems also recently delivered a project for the Romero Overlook Visitor Center at the San Luis Reservoir in Merced County, managed by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR), where it has created a new immersive exhibit.

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