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Marine continues to fight for cybersecurity, school safety

WESTERVILLE, Ohio — For decades Israel Arroyo has worked in cyber-threat intelligence for the Marines and over the last dozen years as the founder of Stealth Entry Cyber Security Solutions in Westerville.

What You Need To Know

  • Retired Marine Israel Arroyo has always wanted to make a difference in the community
  • He worked in cyber-threat intelligence for the Marines
  • Arroyo founded Stealth Entry Cyber Security Solutions in Westerville
  • His company’s Rapid IQ artificial intelligence weapon detection system can identify weapons, acts of aggression and serious threats

“As time went on, I started realizing, I could make a difference with starting an organization and actually turning it into a true company,” said Arroyo, a retired Marine.

“I’ve always had the mindset of, you know, I want to do something that is going to provide a solution whether it’s through a technical solution, just having the knowledge or working with local law enforcement resources.” 

Stealth Entry has several projects in the works.

However, Arroyo, a father of four, said he’s most proud of his company’s Rapid IQ artificial intelligence weapon detection system. 

“We can identify weapons and we can identify acts of aggression and recognition of a serious threat. Once that happens, it gets an alert, it alerts the right people. Where we differentiate ourselves is that we’re able to actually trace the target through the facility. So that when you get on-site, your first responders and your law enforcement are safe,” said Arroyo. 

Arroyo and Stealth Entry’s patent-pending technology was recently honored by Columbus Business First as one of their top minority-owned businesses in 2021. 

Arroyo said he’s humbled by the honor and he vows to always put the safety of the community first. 

“You have to plan, train and fight hard. Because if you don’t, it will be easy to give up. And never give up is going to be my best word of advice I can give to anybody,” said Arroyo. 

In the coming months, Arroyo said he plans to enroll in Capital University Law School, fulfilling a lifelong dream. 

He said he credits the VA for providing him the opportunity to cover his tuition in full. 

For more on Arroyo and his company, click here.





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