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Okta® Advanced Server Access – Security Boulevard

Just recently, Okta® has decided to get into the privileged access management game. Okta Advanced Server Access is their new offering to do so. It’s intended to leverage Okta identities to authenticate with servers. Unfortunately, there isn’t much information available regarding the cost of Okta’s Advanced Server Access solution, or the full extent of its capabilities.

The Framework for Advanced Server Access

Okta’s Rise

Stepping back, we should understand Okta as a company to gain an appreciation for why they are branching out into a completely new area of the identity and access management (IAM) field. Okta has built an incredible business in the web application single sign-on (SSO) space. This area of identity management has come into prominence due to the shift to web apps, such as G Suite™, Salesforce®, Box™, GitHub, Slack, Trello™, and thousands of others.

Before Okta, most IT organizations were already leveraging Microsoft® Active Directory® as their core identity provider (IdP), but wanted to connect those identities to the multitude of web applications cropping up shortly after the turn of the millennia. That’s where first generation Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS), or web application SSO solutions came in. Okta and other vendors jumped on the opportunity and soon became some of the more widely used identity management tools on the market.

Okta’s Growth

As Okta has grown by selling into larger and larger enterprises, their appetite for handling more of the identity and access management function has grown. Over the past few years, they have created a user management system for web applications and mobile apps aimed at developers. Think of this solution as a competitor to Azure® AD B2C. Another critical area has been their focus on 2FA or two factor authentication, which is really targeting organizations such as Duo Security.

One of the biggest leaps Okta made recently was the acquisition of Azuqua. For a mere $52.2M, Okta incorporated the no-code application integration and workflow automation startup’s software into their fold.

The Value of Okta Advanced Server Access

With this new announcement around Advanced Server Access, Okta seems (Read more…)

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