Featured Relay Provides State of Cybersecurity Webinar #3 Highlights; Recording Available on YouTube

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Relay Provides State of Cybersecurity Webinar #3 Highlights; Recording Available on YouTube

Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – November 4, 2021) – Relay Medical Corp. (CSE: RELA) (OTCQB: RYMDF) (FSE: EIY2) (“Relay” or the “Company“) is pleased to share a recording of the recent “SBOMs Impact on Producers & Consumers – State of Cybersecurity Industry EP3” webinar featuring key panelists Philip Tonkin, Cassie Crossley and Shuli Goodman.

On October 19, Cybeats held a live webinar with panelists Including Philip Tonkin, Global Head of Cyber Operational Technology at National Grid1; Cassie Crossley, Product and Systems Security Director at Schneider Electric2; and Shuli Goodman, the founder and Executive Director of LF Energy (LF)3. The panel was moderated by Chris Blask, Vice President of Strategy at Cybeats.

The need for SBOMs has become more apparent in the cyber security industry. In order to better understand what components are in your software, SBOMs are needed for both producers and consumers. Transparency is necessary for both roles to understand the vulnerabilities in their software in order to prevent cyber attacks and software malfunctions. The Panelists Philip Tonkin, Cassie Crossley and Shuli Goodman dove deep into discussing the details of this topic.

The recording can be found on the Company’s YouTube channel, here:

Key Highlights

Question: How much of a problem are SBOMs for producers?

Cassie Crossley answered, “I think there are quite a number of unknowns. However, there has been a significant number of progress in regards to SBOM creation and the build process…and overall it’s very exciting to get that transparency, both from suppliers of our own and how we deliver that transparency to our consumers and customers.”

Question: What Value do SBOMs offer to consumers?

Philip Tonkin answered, “There’s a huge amount of value in it, not just in understanding the assets you have but also in managing the threats that might come from the vulnerabilities… there’s also a lot of commercial value in there, such as understanding the lifecycle of the assets you’ll be looking at and understanding what problems might emerge due to the supportability/compatibility of certain components. I think there’s a huge amount of value across our state and SBOM as a concept.”

Question: Are SBOMs only about security?

Shuli Goodman answered, “The first thing I want to say is decarbonization is not only LF’s goal, this is society’s goal. This is National Grid, Schneider Electric and Cybeat’s goal. This is all of our goals. The question really becomes how do we do this and what are really the parts of the problem? The answer is we are going to have to figure out ways of innovating at every single level of our systems. There is a sister foundation at the Linux Foundation called The Green Software Foundation. It is mostly focused on CPU cycles, and how we reduce the CPU cycles in our software so that it runs faster without burning as much energy in order to deliver the same results. So where is SBOM in that? I believe it is the beginning of a cultural change. Which is the recognition of how we used to think about security, with great big walls and huge cast iron padlocks. Therefore we may need to think about security in a different way that has to do with attestation, what it is, and this is what we know it to be.”

Question: Does this mean that producers have to give away their intellectual property?

Philip Tonkin answered, “Predominantly for the big utilities now, we are asset managers. We are managing significant energy infrastructure assets in order to get the cleanest energy we can from source to consumer. We are not trying to pivot out into building our own systems. We may have done that 30 years ago due to necessity… But standardization of things like communication protocols is a great example of how we really want to take products that are off the shelf and benefit from an understanding of each of those requirements. This is in order to ensure we can get the best value for a product that is already verified to do what we need it to do. But the concepts of what it is doing are still protected intellectual property, the concepts and method is still their own property even if the code is visible.”

Question: How are SBOMS helpful in reality to people in the current scenario of society?

Shuli Goodman answered, “Black Duck and Synopsis did a study… in which 100% of power system software has open source in it, and of that the typical stack is 80-90% open source. Therefore for all purposes what’s different between what used to be and what is now is that modern software…is the model of computing and is driving the speed of change…”

Cybeats will be hosting the fourth State of Cybersecurity Industry webinar – SBOMs Impact on Critical Infrastructure on November 30th. Panelists to be announced. Subscribe to the YouTube Channel to be notified about future events.

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1 https://www.nationalgrid.com/
2 https://www.se.com/ca/en/
3 https://www.lfenergy.org/

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