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Scottish Mortgage boosted by healthcare and technology performance

Scottish Mortgage boosted by healthcare and technology performance – Scottish Mortgage (SMT) has published its results for the six months to 30 September 2021. During the period, its A measure of the performance of a group of investments. Indices can be calculated on an equal weighted basis (taking the performance of each investment and multiplying it by one, divided by the number of investments, then adding together all of the results) or on a weighted average basis (usually done by taking the performance of each investment and multiplying it by the total value of the investment, divided by the total value of all the investments in the index, then adding together all of the results). Most indices are calculated on a weighted average basis.

Indices are often used by Investment Managers as Benchmarks and by  investors to compare performance.

” class=”glossary_term”>index. Meanwhile the A distribution of money from a company. Most investment companies try to pay dividends from income but they are now allowed to pay dividends from capital.
” class=”glossary_term”>dividend
of 1.52p, an increase of 5% over last year’s payment of 1.45p.

The team said it has been the long-term and exponential improvements in computing technologies, genomic sequencing and energy storage that continue to strike them as the most important determinates of long-term returns.

It said: ‘These long-term trends may be too slow to shape financial news headlines in a single period but they compound over time as they grow in impact. Moreover, the powerful trends in computing technologies appear to not just be continuing but broadening in utility and application beyond the narrow remits of consumer internet to industries larger and far more diverse.

‘This broadening is slowly being reflected in the changing shape of the

” class=”glossary_term”>portfolio. The Trust’s investment in healthcare and biology companies for example has grown from 11.6% a year ago to 21.4% today. We are finding and supporting a growing number of businesses that we believe are benefiting from the intersection of biology and information technology.’

SMT’s largest holding, Moderna has been the greatest contributor to this change, writing what is effectively code in the form of RNA to program human cells. It said Moderna has helped the world to start escaping the tragedies and confinement of the last 18 months. However, it is the breadth and scalability of its mRNA technology platform rather than its Covid vaccine that holds the greatest promise. Its pipeline of programs is both large and growing, targeting diseases such as flu, Zika, HIV, cancer and many more.

Meanwhile, the managers continue to see opportunities for technology platforms to improve resource allocation in the economy across a growing range of areas such as freight, food and finance.

SMT : Scottish Mortgage boosted by healthcare and technology performance

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