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Technology trends 2022: Expect more ransomware threats

Separate ransomware attacks have knocked out computer systems in more than half a dozen French hospitals, forcing them to return to using pen and paper – Copyright AFP Philippe DESMAZES

Technology developments on the near horizon may include a review of sustainability, ways to cope with ever-increasing data volumes, and the need for increased computer and network speeds.

On the security front, vulnerabilities are often connected to legacy systems, to the extent that security is an inadvertent and natural outcome when you implement a patchwork of outdated and inefficient solutions.

How else will technology progress in 2022? To gain an insight into the likely trajectory for the sector, Cloudian’s Jon Toor, CMO tells Digital Journal  that the focus will remain very much with security issues.

Toor says that: “Security experts will continue to miss the mark with ransomware protection: Security experts continue to tout increased perimeter defense as the catch all for ransomware protection.”

This is one way, but Toor says other factors need to be accounted for. He notes: “However, in a recent report, 49 percent of businesses that experienced an attack had perimeter defenses in place and ransomware still managed to get in.”

There are other weaknesses too, says Toor: “In addition, 65 percent of the organizations that were penetrated through phishing emails had conducted anti-phishing training for employees.”

Phishing is a way that cybercriminals steal confidential information, such as online banking logins, credit card details, business login credentials or passwords/passphrases, by sending fraudulent messages (sometimes called ‘lures’).

Essentially, Toor recommends, every organisation should prepare for the threat posed by ransomware. He cautions: “The threat of ransomware will only continue to rise, making it a matter of “if,” not “when,” an attack will occur.”

As to what needs to be done, Toor recommends: “Given these realities, more organizations will recognize the need to protect data at the storage layer with an immutable backup copy, ultimately ensuring they can recover quickly from an attack without having to pay ransom.”

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