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This Is How Easy It Is To Get Hacked | VICE on HBO

Since the 2016 election, the notion of hacking has become inextricably intertwined with one country: Russia.

But cyber crimes emanating from Russia and Russian speaking countries have been around for years, fueling attacks like a 2014 data breach of more than 500 million Yahoo! accounts and a scheme that stole 160 million credit cards from American corporations.

“If someone wants to hack you, they’re gonna be able to” former NSA hacker Patrick Wardle told VICE News. And if a Russian wants to hack you, they’ve certainly got the tools: A 2016 report by the Department of Homeland Security confirmed that 75 percent of all ransomware was created in Russia.

The apparent lack of ethical consideration in the buildup of Russian information technology and cyber security is rooted in decades of technical education under Stalin, who launched polytechnic schools to train engineers for his military-industrial complex. Russia’s cyber capabilities can now be used for just about everything, ranging from digital bank robberies to tampering with critical infrastructure.

“This is the website of a big online store.” Kostya, an anonymous Russian hacker who agreed to show VICE News how easy it is to steal digital data. “I can get into their configurations and download their client database.”

Spurred by the trillions of dollars online and in a generation raised on the web, hacking from Russia and around the world is flourishing.

VICE News went to Moscow to see the country’s expert hackers in action.

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0 Responses to This Is How Easy It Is To Get Hacked | VICE on HBO

  1. Jack Black says:

    Bro those two guys are smart asf

  2. 11:24 bruh all those redbulls damn they hyper af!

  3. Amanda Xo says:

    And america hacked the most lucrative richest country Africa, heck any country with oil and still are.

  4. Vishal Patil says:

    this is why you need indians !!

  5. Arto Rius says:

    whos the dyke.what happend to vice old coresspondants


  7. This hacker was clearly a actor

  8. Lucas Liew says:

    These fat old farts are easy prey for any hacker

  9. cindy rhodes says:

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  10. SLWRTHNU says:

    The police department needs to stop clicking on files in emails… They seem like the type of people to ask "double left click or double right click?"

  11. Chris White says:

    VICE News method: One 20-30yo semi-gender reporter, gray narration, shallow interview with both "victim" and "local good guys" ended by vacation to some shit-hole country, where crime happens in open.

  12. surferdjnj says:

    Cops and Computers—-hacker GOLD!!

  13. JerseyDevil says:

    Lol we will travel to Russian cues music ????????????????

  14. No Phones, but sure bring a camera in. Shouldn't be a problem, DOH!

  15. Well, that's what you get for using Windows!

  16. ADHD says:

    I am offline off the grid you can never catch your welcome to try though

  17. Kostya says:

    Finally i can see myself in the interview. Big love to this reporter.

  18. In America, if you are a hacker, you are the enemy. In Russia, if you are a hacker, you are hired! That's why we as America fall behind. We're so concerned with putting away Max Vision or LuLzSec that we forgot that we are going to need those guys to defend us against threats that are state funded. Many boomers believe that U.S hackers are a threat and yet the rest of us are coming to realize that they are becoming our last line of defense.

  19. Manila Kid says:

    Invest in a VPN. Your welcome.

  20. racarth says:

    9:47 I'm confused: they may have had physical access to her laptop, but how did they manage to install a keylogger on her system without the password?

  21. She did not look stoked to hear that she’s been hacked and spied on ????

  22. Listen still no evidence that this was a RUSSIAN attack at all none what so ever if there was we would be taking it to the UN so stop with the bs the guy who turned over DNC emails was murdered in Washington DC a few months back he even admitted that he was the one who did it so nice try trying to delegitimize the trump administration win in the election

  23. there is not 100 percent proof Russia hacked the emails. Wikileaks said emphatically it was NOT Russia, and many think it was Seth Rich, a young DNC staffer who was murdered after the hack happened. Very very very suspicious circumstances

  24. I want to major in cyber security now. all of a sudden section 9 doesn't sound so far-fetched.

  25. Unbriferous says:

    Hacking on macs on MacOS

  26. They wacked off to her dirty videos too.?? Maybe. Off the record.

  27. ion whooked says:

    and when they put the computer chip in US theyll get hacked too

  28. j says:

    Always use credit cards online, not debit. Put visa's $$ at risk not yours!

  29. I noticed vice they never talk bad about USA but they will always talk bad about other contries

  30. Matthew Kern says:

    >Russia's tampering with the U.S election
    WHOO BOY this has not aged well.

  31. Get rid of bitcoin and other digital currency…it makes it that much easier for hackers to get paid

  32. Now they have the new improved rapid v3….any decrypting software for that?! That's what they need to work on. A super decrypter.

  33. Wow, the I.T. team at the police station actually told them to pay. Lazy I.t. department.

  34. Remember that muller investigation that trump collided with Russia? Remember how a few days ago after 22 months they found trump NOT guilty and exonerated! Yea me too!

  35. Darz K. says:

    This is bullshit for kids, and right from the beginning you're throwing in some of that Anti-Russian propaganda. I didn't even finish watching this, I only got to the 'russian email hacking' bit and realised this is garbage.

  36. ricky4mel says:

    How is this possible? And untraceable with government so called computer experts surly they can trace or stop the process? Or does this show we really know nothing about cyber security

  37. Paul Brooks says:

    America never paid close to a Billion dollars to ransomware hacks. it's been concluded that out of all the millions of computers the virus attacked it only received +- 300 people who paid. The typical ransomware only demands a few hundred dollars.

  38. VICE News says:

    "This is the website of a big online store." Kostya, an anonymous Russian hacker who agreed to show VICE News how easy it is to steal digital data. "I can get into their configurations and download their client database."
    WATCH NEXT: How Israel Rules The World Of Cybersecurity –

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