Featured Tracesafe Inc said it had made "significant software updates" to its technology

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Tracesafe Inc said it had made “significant software updates” to its technology

The tech group reported that the enhancements include advanced search capability and a new dashboard

TraceSafe Inc. (CSE:TSF) said it had introduced “significant software updates” to its technology to improve its capability for users.

The tech group, which provides real-time location management services and contact tracing solutions, reported that the enhancements include advanced search capability and a new dashboard.

“We are constantly investing in our platform to make it a powerful tool that our clients can use to transform their operations at scale,” said Wayne Lloyd, TraceSafe CEO in a statement. “Access to meaningful data and analytics will help organizations evolve into the future of operations that is both efficient and sustainable.”

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Since February this year, TraceSafe noted that its high-tech cloud offering and high-performance computing had been processing over 15 million contacts per day.

“The new dashboard will allow organizations to draw insights from the extensive health and safety data of their people, and to create metrics that help them achieve efficiencies across processes,” it said in the statement.

“Additionally, customers will now be able to use the advanced search capabilities to swiftly extract relevant information from the depths of data being captured consistently from their environments.”

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