Featured Using the right technology tools will help the hybrid workplace

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Using the right technology tools will help the hybrid workplace

“Workplaces need to encourage a better work-life balance so that people are less stressed at work, and as the cycle continues, they will remain productive members of your team.

“The majority of us are working remotely at least some of the time. This means that our hours of work, whether they’re in the same time zone or not, don’t always sync up.

“We’ve increased the percentage of work that can be done asynchronously during onboarding, so new hires can work through the material at their own time during open windows.”

Productivity isn’t about how much an employee can achieve between 5am and 10pm. It’s about how much they can achieve within the confines of a flexible yet structured working day, bearing in mind that some people are night owls, Warboys says.

“We encourage our teams to adopt an asynchronous communication style wherever possible, leveraging tools like Slack and Loom to support thoughtful, inclusive communication that fosters collaboration while being mindful of people’s outside work.

“This is particularly important when recruiting new team members. Being new can be daunting, so we go out of our way to ensure everyone feels heard, welcome and has plenty of time to ask questions and build human connections,” she says.

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