Featured Various job opportunities available in cybersecurity

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Various job opportunities available in cybersecurity

BURLINGTON, Vt. (WCAX) – Like many industries, cybersecurity firms are trying to hire right now, and it’s coming at a time when experts say hackers are on the hunt.

Cybersecurity expert Eric Hart is the CEO of NPI Technology Management.

He says the pandemic expedited the process of remote work and that it’s a change that’s not going away.

That means companies will need to thinking about various aspects of cybersecurity and people interested in the field have various job opportunities.

“Making sure that they have a plan for backup and recovery, so they can continue working in the case of a ransomware attack they have the ability to restore data. And they are implementing robust employee training policies. So, many of the things recent cybersecurity grads are working on are not necessarily technical, we’re definitely seeing two streams there. A kind of soft-skills, analysis-based skill set and a hard technical skillset,” said Hart.

Hart says cyber-insurance is becoming a must-have.

He says the biggest cost of a ransomware attack for a small business is not the ransom itself, but the cost of notifying customers and not being able to run like normal.

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