Videos What is bug bounty and how to earn from it

Published on October 11th, 2016 📆 | 6766 Views ⚑


What is bug bounty and how to earn from it

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  1. Vexium says:

    This guy is a simp

  2. Kajan Swat says:

    Thnks it's good and I got it .its should not full time job .i was ready to jump into bug bounties but your explanation showed me real scenario .thnks sir .

  3. calvin yip says:

    What do I need to learn to start finding bug

  4. samuel s says:

    Do u need a certificate to become one

  5. cannot find da bugs because you are [email protected]

  6. Thanks for the Video!

    In case someone is looking for an upcoming Bounty program to join, check Curio!

    Curio is a Switzerland based startup, #assettokenization #supercars


  7. Amlan Roy says:

    Watch it at 1.5x speed.

  8. Sir no do aapke please 2 mimtues

  9. I hope I get a lousy T shirt

  10. Tony England says:

    I applaud anybody with the stamina to sit through this.

  11. Well u help to provide the right path from where I can learn python.?

  12. I'm ready to make some money with my fat ass lol

  13. Vape-Spot says:

    who want to do a duo on few sites and share the reward ??

  14. Hi Hitesh,
    Can I get a chance to talk to you?, maybe on hangouts?

  15. Always available for knowledge 🖐🏻🖐🏻

  16. There's this app called they tokenize people's phone use by just making your regular phone calls, and with your call logs they can give you ads that is relevant to your interests.

  17. I would rather tell
    to post my name in newspaper. That will be the best thing.

  18. Are you bug bounty hunter ? Because I’m bug hunter if you are can we talk please ?

  19. Wow… well explained (Y) Become an fan!

  20. aymen labidi says:

    10:11 he was about to say leave out the fuck

  21. Technical Guruji English Version

  22. Out there !!! You use this word very often, try not to do this you can be better speaker. Take this as suggestion.

  23. rodee slongs says:

    I will give a thumbs up for this video thank you for explaining it further to us. I will be looking forward for more videos regarding Scidex.

  24. Something about 'out there'

  25. please upload new videos

  26. bro Your english speaking very well'' where from you learn english I am also crazz to learn english so how can I learn english Quickly ?

  27. I made 2 likes from 2 accounts and made at 500th like here. I wish I could give 1000 likes as your videos are so knowledge-based and with Experience.

  28. Hello sir
    I am using a educational app which is available on play store.The app provides variety of question papers with their answer. In one such paper solution i found that there answer was wrong and i am sure about it. So is this a bug? and can i report bug to them related to this? Also will i get something?

  29. how can i learn plzz send link

  30. Sir
    Please make videos on how to do bug bounty hunting plz

    I am waiting for your reply

  31. ashish pise says:

    Very practical brother…. God bless you

  32. hitesh bhai iam from pakistan can i buy your CEH course and i dont have android phone plz rep i want to become a expert

  33. Trevor Brown says:

    Awesome Video Thank you for the advice!

  34. rahul rawat says:

    yeah… please let me know what is the whole thing.
    thank you sir for your explanation.

  35. Raj says:

    I didnt recognise you !!! you look so different

  36. A Banzai says:

    List all the websites and platforms and key words. could not understand all.

  37. Rahul Kumar says:

    sir how can I watch your playlist SQL injector it was showing private video in the playlist ??

  38. Daljit Singh says:

    Hi Mr.Hitesh Choudhary you are giving us best videos about bug bounty. I request you to upload more videos about bug bounty for freshers that are new in this field, thank you.

  39. rohit uppal says:

    please tell , what you have said webgot, webgod or webcourt , it is not clear in your voice. please use a whiteboard and marker when you are saying something many a times it is not clear means spelling is not clear

  40. the most I ever made was 50,000 from facebook. most times if u find a huge one you'll be offered a job, so don't get discouraged keep it up …

  41. Techzone bc says:

    hey please tell me I want to be a bug bounty hunter but I don't know any programming language and nothing about hacking… do I start????

  42. James George says:

    Sir please help me!(Refer below comments)

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