Videos What's the Difference: Computer Virus vs Malware, vs Spyware, etc?

Published on April 6th, 2019 📆 | 6728 Views ⚑


What's the Difference: Computer Virus vs Malware, vs Spyware, etc?

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Malware is the general term for all “Malicious Software” for computers. But there are many categories of malware and plenty of terms depending on how the malware spreads, and what it does once it infects a computer. This video discusses the types of malware, including viruses, worms, spyware, trojans, and more.

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0 Responses to What's the Difference: Computer Virus vs Malware, vs Spyware, etc?

  1. Why hasn’t anyone made a type of malware called T-Rex

  2. When I got a virus like 3 months ago it said infected files: one drive. Exe and some random thing also couldn't open anything

  3. ZeDarkDemon says:

    Everyone knows this wtf, get outta here

  4. ZimemaR ! says:

    looking forward to Theojoe antivirus

  5. breadmoth says:

    Windows10 counts as spyware

  6. Jon Doe says:

    Thio could definitely pull off a late 80s Freddie Mercury for Halloween.

  7. Aren’t Trojans condoms?

  8. mickgibson says:

    Window 10 is malware. The only thing that you can do is shut down 90% of it! It still has it keyboard capture the same that a hacker that Microsoft screwed, oh sued the get him put away, but they ARE DOING IT. Funny Microsoft should be put in jail with the hacker, but nooooooooo.

  9. Complexity says:

    Pro tip: Use anti-virus

  10. I use wannacry on my bait VM for tech support scammers, sometimes they download it. LOL.. make damn sure that SMB is disabled so it can't spread to your host.. and my host is Linux and YES if you installed SMB on your linux machine and have WINE installed, it will execute and it will jump right out of WINE hhahah… FUN!! .. it is a worm that takes advantage of SMB vulnerability, disable it for testing.

  11. sir says:

    malwarebytes is good

  12. @Thiojoe My mom had a nasty one. Did some googling (lol I know but still) came up with probably some kind of petya/notpetya/misha infection. It's fixed now thankfully but do you think that's more ransomware or rootkit? It ran chdsk dialogue upon start up but never gave any notice for money or anything. Once I got the computer to stay on long enough without crashing, it let me run antivirus but the antivirus took 3 hours to "find nothing".

  13. Damon Hunt says:


  14. Anyone remember Sasser?

  15. That video is very beautiful for me and every visitor to click like button of my comment in YT videos for liked perfect clips of the my algorithm of knowing to share everyone user of YouTube

  16. sssesoj says:

    You should have mentioned that Malwarebytes works better than most AV and works along side with them to give you even more security.

  17. SolarMagpie says:

    Saftey tip: If you just downloaded a file, SCAN IT BEFORE YOU RUN IT.

  18. mscalindt says:

    Greatly informative video!

  19. puppetuppers says:

    My start menu has a critical error. What’s wrong.

  20. What about Bloatware,Adware and Joke Programs?

  21. Mono832 says:

    I just use avast and malwarebytes. Seem to work well together

  22. mjc0961 says:

    My favorite "scareware" is the emails that keep telling they caught me watching porn and jerking off through my phone camera. I find these hilarious because A) they keep using an old landline number for a phone that can't browse the internet and has no camera, and B) they come up with some pretty hilarious expressions to avoid directly saying the word "masturbation". ?

  23. sundreamingg says:

    System32 is the worst virus.

  24. BEST solution: INSTALL LINUX

  25. I once got Trojan virus on my computer….

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